IQRA DEATH ARENA based on popular game engine Q3. A very HQ map designed on the same structure of Iqra University Islamabad Campus where students can have fun in virtual environments with first person shooter style.Downloadable contents available now.


About M3

Posted by Saad On

I am a BSCS graduated. Some of my interests are; Gaming, Game Terrain Designing, 3D Model Texturing & skinning, Blogging, IT, & MuziK =P...I am Lighting/Shader/Render Artist at Xdynamix Media Enterprise. This blog is based on my game level project which i have done recently in my degree...

About My Project:

When my time had come to choose a final year project to work on, different ideas came in to my mind but I want to do something different. So my very good teacher + supervisor gave me the idea to work on PC game stuff as I am much in it. So i started to designed my university's campus for the game Q3. This was a big challenge for me to fight with unknown errors & limitations for this game engine.

Tools Used:

1)- C++ (Engine Language) (Modifications)
2)- GtkRadiant 1.5 (Map Designer)
3)- Q3map2 Compiler
4)- BSPC Compiler
5)- Q3 shaders
6)- Photoshop CS5 + Paint.Net
7)- Sound & Skin Packs
8)- 3Ds Max 2010 – Import .md3 Scripts

Hardware Used:

HP-Pavilion DV-1215TX (LAPTOP)
Specifications: Core2Duo - 2.2Ghz - 2GB.Ram - Nvidia 9600M GT-512MB 

But by the grace of ALLAH Almighty I was successful in completing this project alone in approx 11-months. =)

My Work Experience:

I have a powerful background in designing world levels & maps like Quake-3, Team Fortress 2 (Already Working), & many more. My favorite games are Call Of Duty-4, Call of Duty - MW2, Call of Duty Black-Ops, Crysis & other FPS games... My dream job is to work at "Infinity Ward" & "CryteK" as i have creative ideas to design stuff like world or levels & more interesting stuffs... 

My Wish:

Want to see my great country PAKISTAN on top in gaming industry... =)